Gandhi’s House (Delhi)

A trip to Gandhi’s…

This is a must see for the history tourist, but also culturally important. Most people have at least heard of Gandhi, so why not visit the place where he spent his last days. It’s nothing fancy but a simple and humbling memorial to one of the most inspiring people to walk this earth. After all Gandhi wasn’t into all the riches and luxuries that money brought so it makes sense!

Based in New Delhi, this again is a very peaceful spot and I found that it was quiet despite being in a city. Just sitting down in the gardens was so peaceful, (just what i needed after a very long flight) and great for the mind!

Inside the museum:

  • Gandhi’s preserved room and basic belongings (i.e.. glasses, sandals)
  • Gardens where he took his daily public walks
  • Museum dedicated to the life and works of Gandhi
  • Martyr’s Coloumn- the spot were Gandhi was shot
It’s an easy to get to place. Would recommend a tuk-tuk if on a budget as plenty around and cheap (most short journeys approx 100-300RS). Just ask for Gandhi Smriti Museum
Useful links:
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