My Friend Rachel

Big apologies to everyone that I have missed a few weeks on here! Busy at work and weekends clogging/tiring the mind!

Last weekend though I was reunited with one of my best friends but also a true hero to me. This isn’t a travel blog I know but I just wanted to share a little bit about my life outside of traveling, something that keeps me going so I can travel etc.

18156419_10209507821475791_920244665128890354_oWe first met just over 2 years ago when one of friends from rowing wanted to introduce us. She could see the struggle I was having with my newly diagnosed epilepsy at rowing but throughout life as well. as a group of rowing friends we went out to a little quaint pub near me, and the moment we met it was like two old friends talking. I hope she agrees! Haha, well I know she does as we still inspire each other just as much 2 years down the line (and she talks to me!).

Now Rach has a little back story which isn’t mine to tell, but I will say that she is a great advocate for her sport and abilities. Known quite well in the local community you maybe recognise her as the Gold Paralympic medalist from Rio in the single scull (rowing) event, but a past Paralymic medalist ins hand cycling at London and Bejing. When I found this out I was in au of her! But her kind and modest attitude opened up and she brushed it aside focusing on me that day. She has been such an inspiration overtime Ive been in hospital, with every seizure, every trial at rowing, work, LIFE…she has been there for me. I may be away and ditzy so feel that I haven’t always been there for her sometime….but having recently watched her through another trial in life I am even more amazed at proud of you Rach!

16114502_10208698335639151_8998006193507757468_nI’ve been lucky enough to have stayed out of hospital for 3 months, touch wood, but Rach was back with another surgery. Months, MONTHS! she has been recovering in hospital with the visits from family and friends keeping her going. I have seen her many times and lucky enough to see her breakout as such to come and christen the new adaptive boat at the club, come for the annual Guildford RC Spring Ball, and spend her birthday with her. But luckiest of all I got to witness her opening her MBE! I know it has been a difficult time stuck in hospital for you Rach but it is nearly over and you have such events as receiving you MBE and joining me back on the river our adaptive rowing boat! ahah

I may not be physically disabled the majority of times, but I don’t see disabilities, just abilities. And Rach as super abilities! She has given me my hope and confidence back many times when I was sat in hospital being told I’d had another life threatening seizure, being told my medications weren’t working, being told I may never find a cause or solution…we all need someone like that and I have found mine!
I have very good friends and family yes, I am lucky! And I know this is a very long line about a best friend. But to have met and loved the girl behind the Paralympian I am truelly honoured.

IMG_3938I was lovely see each other at the GRC Ball last week, and bring a calm to my life amongst the chaos. I hope you’re not mad at me for this little rant Rach aha!

14449806_10157430658515587_2589577559453908030_nNever give up on you dreams. Mine is to travel the world, and although work and funds my stop me currently, health isn’t going to stop me. How would I get stories like my trip to an Indian hospital otherwise? No point living within the lines!

Ps. I hope you don’t hate me for this Rach!


Liv x


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