Snippet of Berlin


This is only a short snippet about the city as the last time I visited was when I was 17yr (7yrs now!). Yet it is somewhere I would probably head back to for the party and social side having down the cultural.

My trip here was part of a school trip whilst completing a History A-level, and there is enough history here to entertain any history buff. The main aspect that I seemed to visit was regarding modern history. You have of course museums from the World Wars, Holocaust and Cold War.


Places to visit:

Some of these places can be quite emotional but I found them also very powerful. It is something that has shaped the Western world significantly and world as a whole. Having had family in camps, the evacuation process of WWII and RAF during the Cold War it helped bring to reality the scale and impact they had. If you’re going even for a social visit to the city I would recommend trying to squeeze a visit to the memorials even if briefly. It is a lot different from reading about it online.

On a more positive note, this city is very welcoming and offers a lot more. I visited in January so as youd expect it was freezing! Wrap up well is my advice! On the other hand I have friends who have been in the summer and found it extremely hot, so look into the weather beforehand so you can pack appropriately.

Berlin is also known for being an artistic/urban scene city with murals, sculptures and graffiti everywhere. Unfortunately I don’t have photos anymore but keep an eye open for hidden treasures

The Berlin Tower and Parliament building were great places to view the city. The dome in the Parliament was glass that viewed over the city. It was open though so wrap up if going in winter. The tower is probably the best place to get a view of the whole city. Standing…. Over the city it is perfect night or day. We went up at night and the city was beautiful all lit up!

So this was a short snippet, and a city I plan to visit again as it has been a while, but also I have hardly started to explore it. I would love to hear of your experiences or suggestions so that I can start to plan my next trip there!




Liv x


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