Love travelling? Well we already have something in common! My blog is here to give little snippets of my travels that will hopefully inspire more to travel.

Born to parents who have always had a strong passion for travelling, I have been lucky enough to start exploring this blue planet since the first year of my life. Now I want to give back to the community and share my little events (good and bad) with others!

Recently back from my latest travels (Budapest) I felt inspired by a fellow traveller to start sharing my experiences. Whilst I have a full time job I love to grab a rucksack, book a flight and take off to explore a new destination whenever life lets me! After all we only live once right?!

Day to day I work as an Orthoptist (eyes), in Surrey, UK. Although this in itself is   rewarding I also like to help out in my personal life. This hasn’t been without its own challenges though.

Boring part…recently at in 2014 I graduated university (yay! great!), got my first job and then booked my first big trip to Central America. But then it all turned upside down. At 21 I was diagnosed with Tonic Clonic Epilepsy which is still uncontrolled 2-3 years later.

But this why I want to blog about my travels. Travelling has had its challenges whilst having epilepsy, for one insurance goes through the roof! and yes I have ended up in a hospital whilst abroad. But I am still travelling and want to prove that anyone can!

So lets get started…